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Secret Forest

Nine piece of puzzle shows diversity of Secret Forest. The blend of dark and bright not only makes beautiful visual contrast, but also represents the everlasting enchanting nature.

Materials: Cushion moss, Reindeer moss, Oleiros soft wood, La Tigra volcanic stone, Rio Negro Sand, Zoe sand.

產品尺寸:11x11cm x9

產品包括:Life Puzzle x9,無痕雙面貼


  • 全天然植物與素材製成
  • 綠化室內空間
  • 背貼上牆式輕量設計
  • 無需提供水份與光照
  • 有效緩解眼睛疲勞
  • 永生草可保存3年以上,甚至永久
  • 完全不惹蚊蟲
  • 一年免費保養

* You can choose between a finished moss art or a puzzle (DIY kit) on the style option bar.

* Finished moss art is handmade by Lam Ting Chung. Moss are well fixed on the frame and the moss art piece is ready to hang on wall.

* Puzzle (DIY kit) moss art requires you using hot glue (not included) to finish.

* Puzzle (DIY kit) includes a frame and sufficient amount of moss and plant.

* Circle series wall art include a hole design on back for simple hanging.

Product Feature:

- Real plants are preserved to show their appearance and characteristics.

- Requires no watering or sunlight

- Preserved plants can last for 3 years or more, even permanently

- Natural layout materials included

- Adds greenery to indoor spaces

- Relieves eye fatigue

- Completely insect-free.

* All plant art are shipped overseas with unique designed tight packaging and shipping guarantee.

* All plant art include a three year guarantee with serious plant degrade or shipping damage.

Secret Forest
Secret Forest