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THE ETERNAL FRAGRANCE: The Enchanting Scent of Preserved Moss

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by the fragrance of nature. Whether it's the sweet scent of flowers, the fresh aroma of trees, or the earthy fragrance of grass, the natural aromas always bring us joy and tranquility. With its unique scent and long-lasting preservation properties, preserved moss allows us to experience its wonders indoors. 

Origin and Production of Preserved Moss:

Preserved moss is a special type of moss plant that typically grows in moist forest environments. It undergoes a special treatment to maintain its vibrant green color and natural form while preserving its unique fragrance. This treatment process involves soaking the moss in a specific preservation solution to remove moisture and maintain its structural integrity.

The Unique Scent of Preserved Moss

The fragrance emitted by preserved moss is captivating, blending the freshness of nature with the aromatic essence of plants. Its scent is often described as fresh, woody, and slightly sweet. Its natural and pure aroma can provide a sense of relaxation and comfort, as if being embraced by the arms of nature.

The scent of preserved moss is distinctive and long-lasting. Compared to other plants or flowers, it can maintain its fragrance for an extended period without easily dissipating.