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ABOUT PRESERVED MOSS: The Eternal Preservation of Natural Beauty

Moss, a captivating plant in the natural world, is known for its lush greenery and unique appearance. In the past, moss could only be grown and admired in outdoor environments. However, with the advent of Preserved Moss technology, we can now permanently preserve moss and incorporate it as part of indoor decor.

We believe the quality of moss is the ultimate reason to our client's satisfaction.

Production Process of Preserved Moss:

The production process of preserved moss can be divided into several steps. Fresh moss is first collected and then immersed in a special treatment solution. The solution removes the moisture from the moss while preserving its appearance and texture. Next, the moss undergoes a drying process to ensure it maintains its shape and color. Finally, the preserved moss is surface-treated to enhance its durability and longevity. This production process not only ensures the beauty of preserved moss but also guarantees its long-term preservation. You can enjoy the beauty of moss in indoor environments without worrying about its growth, fading, or requiring specific care.

Preserved moss, through our unique preservation techniques, allows us to permanently appreciate the beauty and natural essence of moss in indoor environments. Its soft touch, authentic appearance, and easy maintenance bring the beauty of nature into our living spaces, allowing us to experience the allure of nature in urban lifestyles.