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ABOUT MOSS CARING: Keep Your Preserved Moss Beautiful Forever

Preserved moss does not require soil or water and can maintain its natural appearance for a long time. However, to ensure that preserved moss remains beautiful and textured, proper care is needed. Here are some practical tips for maintenance.

Proper indoor environment:

Preserved moss has certain temperature and humidity requirements. Avoid placing preserved moss in damp areas, as this can cause discoloration or make the moss brittle.

Avoid applying excessive pressure:

Preserved moss is delicate and can be damaged by applying excessive pressure. When appreciating Life Puzzle products, avoid squeezing them forcefully or placing heavy objects on preserved moss to avoid crushing or deforming it.

Gently blow away dust regularly:

Preserved moss can accumulate dust and dirt. To maintain its beautiful appearance, use a gentle fan or hairdryer to blow away the dust regularly.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct outdoor sunlight :

Preserved moss is sensitive to sunlight radiation, and prolonged exposure to direct outdoor sunlight can cause color changes or fading. . Placing it indoor is preferred. A place near a window would be a good choice as it allows the indoor sunlight to highlight the color and texture of the moss without being too intense. Besides, choosing walls with lighting can also produce a good effect. Living room, dining room or bedroom are highly suggested places!

Avoid humid environments:

Preserved moss does not need water and is sensitive to humid environments. Do not expose preserved moss to moist environments, such as steamy bathrooms.

With simple care measures, you can keep preserved moss beautiful forever. Providing proper indoor environment and regularly blowing away dust will keep them beautiful and textured. By giving preserved moss proper care, you can enjoy its natural atmosphere and greenery for a long time!